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The quality of elements and raw materials, for outstanding results.


The latest product. If wisely alternated with WROUGHT IRON, it becomes the new way to enhance your outdoor spaces.


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Universal Fence System

GRADIUS® ALUMINIUM is an innovative fence system ready for installation that adapts to all types of land to be fenced: flat, inclined up to 30°, with angle variations. Made of powder coated aluminium – it is a ready for installation yet very durable product, guaranteeing an excellent aesthetic result. GRADIUS® ALUMINIUM is a system that significantly reduces time and costs compared to a traditional custom fence.


Cool Modern Genial

BAND-BOO® Fence system has been designed to match modern and fashionable architectural styles. It is made of hot-galvanized powder-coated steel, therefore very durable and long-lasting over time. The fastening system with metal strips that are fixed on round newel posts is brilliant: it allows you to cover angles up to 260 ° and adapt to changes in the height of the ground.


Design and Creativity

The PALIXON® system starts where today‘s offer stops and sets new standards. You can choose from a range of different filling materials that you can freely select, combine and even replace at a later date. As a special highlight, the fence is connected to the internet and can be controlled from anywhere in the world via smartphone.


Crystals From Swarovski®

The setter’s accuracy, the nobility of iron, the precision technology merge together, thus becoming the Italian art of creating perfection. Crystals are set into iron and stainless steel, thus casting astonishing plays of light on staircases, lofts, room dividers, balaustrades and entrance doors.